How To Make Money On LinkedIn by Dr. Mark D. Yates

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More business connections equal new revenue streams and more business opportunities. Opportunities multiply exponentially when seized on LinkedIn.

If you want to know the inside secrets of how some of the world’s most connected business growth consultants leverage LinkedIn for fresh opportunities, and for new revenue streams for their business owner clients, then you have to get to a #1 position on LinkedIn.

Linkedin expert Dr. Mark D. Yates demonstrates how he made money by leveraging LinkedIn as a linkedin training, business speaker and a linkedin consultant by specialising in helping business owners make money on LinkedIn.

Recognised globally as the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert, he runs one of the world’s most elite independent LinkedIn management consulting firms consultancy businesses, www.fbiconsultancy.com from his HQ in Liverpool, England.

You might think that anyone can connect with thousands of managing director & business owners today. However, not everyone can connect with thousands of pre-identified business decision makers.
For example; if you want to make serious money from LinkedIn, there is far more business value in you connecting with a serious individual business development director, business management consultant, interim director, or a non executive director, who is a direct business decision maker, than connecting with hundreds of non business decision making connections.
Dr. Yates has written this eBook to demonstrate precisely how you can make money by simply making connections on LinkedIn and doing good business. Dr. Yates provides a business model for making money and explains, in detail, what you need to do to achieve it.

If you only make one investment in your personal professional development this year, then make sure you learn how to leverage LinkedIn to be able to successfully make money.

Dr. Yates can help you establish yourself and build a database of potential business connections. With 30,000 LinkedIn connections, Dr. Mark D. Yates is a LinkedIn expert with proven experience in using LinkedIn to make money through thousands of business decision-making connections, business leads, and business referrals.

If you are seeking to make money and make a profit from your business social media activities, then you have to read this non-technical book from the linkedin expert dr mark d yates TODAY!

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